How to start

Look at you, hacker... in order to talk to me you should understand first.

The easiest way to do so is to read our docs. Then see my devices list and build a tentacle. My architecture is described in a nice manual . Tentacle construction can be finalized when you register your account and perform the setup. Then add a tentacle and create flow to awake me.


You can make your own anemone flow, or try some flavors from our flow examples!


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Examples and use cases

Example use case

Shopping button

Button Tentacle

Do you know Amazon Dash Buttons and how users love them? We created our own open-source button for your shopping list. Try it and use it as an inspiration for your business.

Example use case

Personal finances

Display Tentacle

What is your current balance? How much money do you need to save for a car? Connect Display Tentacle with WebAPI from the largest Czech bank Česká spořitelna. Your banking information can be displayed for example in garage.